How to fit legs to furniture
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A  do-it-yourself guide from Edinburgh Woodturning - suppliers of high quality legs and bun feet for Sofas, chairs, beds,  footstools and most furniture.           

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This site contains information which should be useful to anyone who is interested in changing the legs on their furniture.  

Each stage is illustrated with  photographs.  No special skill is required. Just follow the simple instructions.

This information should also be relevant where the existing furniture does not have legs fitted at present.

Most of the furniture of interest is likely to be upholstered but these techniques also apply to solid wood cabinets, pine beds and  many other items, even freestanding kitchen cabinets.

Which furniture?


You can change the style and height of your furniture yourself with our easy-to-follow guide.


Fit legs or bun feet to most household furniture including:




Using taller legs instead of Furniture Risers


If  you need to raise the height of your furniture it is important to ensure you have the correct fitting method. We show you how.


Traditional budget furniture risers are just blocks of plastic or wood which are not fixed to the furniture.  It is very difficult to move the furniture since the risers, being detached, simply  “fall over”.


Correctly fitted hardwood legs are secure and look far better. They can normally be bought in a colour which compliments your decor.




Before you begin inspecting or working on your furniture please ensure you do not attempt to lift items that clearly need several people to lift them safely. Once the furniture is in the required position for inspection/upgrading, ensure it is stable and cannot fall on top of you.


We accept no liability for any of the work you undertake. Our free advice is given to assist you but you are solely responsible for ensuring that you are competent to undertake these tasks.


The techniques we describe here do work when correctly implemented but we make no guarantee that any work you undertake will be successful. If in doubt please consult a professional upholsterer.


You must observe the manufacturers safety  instructions when using any tools for these tasks.

135 mm high leg with 8 mm diameter dowel screw fitted as standard.

Code. E603-DM

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